Biofield Tuning: Healing with Sound Therapy

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What if there was an invisible energy field around you, which had all of the information about your entire life encoded in it?  And, what if there was a tool, a key, or a magic wand that was used to access this energy field, and decipher where there are imbalances or disturbances in the field, caused by certain thought or emotional patterns or traumatic experiences in one’s life. And, what if this tool could correct and recalibrate the dissonance in the field, bringing it to its natural state of balance?

It sounds like magic, doesn’t it.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it certainly looks and feels like magic.  However, this method is based on scientific theories, hypotheses, practice, and results.

This invisible field is there, and has been there since you were conceived.  All living things have an energy field.  The earth, the sun, and all of the planets have their own energy field around them.  The term “biofield” was coined by a panel of scientists at the National Institute of Health to define the biological energy field around a human.  Eileen McKusick, a researcher and pioneer in the field of sound therapy founded a ground-breaking sound therapy method called Biofield Tuning.

I’m sure by now you are thinking that this sounds like New Age woo-woo.

Before you make any judgments, let me present to you the method by which this extraordinary therapy works.  The tools that are used are tuning forks.  For thousands of years, sound has been used to heal.  Sound was used in ancient Egypt for healing, sound is used in ultra-sound to detect and diagnose illness, and sound frequencies are used to break up kidney stones.  Everything in the Universe has a specific sound, frequency, vibration.

Our organs, bones, and blood all have specific frequencies, too, as do emotions.  Each of our chakras resonate to a specific frequency on the musical scale.  Do you play a musical instrument?  Let’s take a piano for an example. When a piano gets out of tune, tuning forks are used to get the notes to resonate back to their correct frequency.  So, doesn’t it make sense that if our bodies, minds, and emotions have specific frequencies – that they could be balanced too?  That if our bodies, or emotions become out of balance, introducing sound frequencies that resonate to our correct tones could correct, balance and bring us back into alignment?

Biofield Tuning does just that.  It is performed by introducing sounds from tuning forks into one’s biofield. The sound is used to correct, balance and bring coherence to any dissonant tones.

Biofield Tuning is based on the premise that the human biofield is permeated with all of our life experiences.  All physical, mental and emotional disorders can be perceived as “dissonance” or “noise” in the Biofield.  Biofield Tuning diminishes and resolves this dissonance and helps to alleviate and even eliminate the corresponding physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms.

An accomplished practitioner can recognize areas of dissonance which directly correspond to a specific age, memory and thought pattern. Then, an activated tuning fork is held in the area of the traumatic memory or difficult time period. The tuning forks’ frequency and vibrations help the body integrate the unprocessed experiences.  As the “noise” in the biofield is replaced with clarity in tone, clients generally report feeling “lighter” and a diminishment or resolution of their symptoms.

A series of three sessions is recommended to begin with. Very often issues can be resolved or greatly improved within three sessions; however there is no limit to how many sessions one can receive. Each session builds on the one before it; there are always deeper layers one can address.

Working in the Biofield is  a magical and mystical process, as one is working in an area that is hidden in plain view.  It is a powerful way to help people resolve mental, physical and spiritual issues that they have not otherwise been able to resolve.  If you would like to experience Biofield Tuning for yourself, go to

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