Teacher – Joe Lee

Joe Lee

“Yoga should be something someone 100 years old and beyond can do. And, should also be the REASON one is able to do Yoga till 100 years old and beyond.” 

—Rodney Yee


Joe travels extensively all over the world. Most of his travels are based around his passion for snowboarding. He started his Yoga practice as a way to holistically heal himself from minor injuries incurred after a snowboarding trip in the European Alps. Seeing almost immediate improvements in his body, he started practicing daily and soon found his second passion. Along with the physical progress, Joe also noticed the positive impact his Yoga practice had on his mental and emotional health.

As a way to deepen his practice and increase his knowledge of Yoga, Joe studied under Rebecca Butler in her 200 hour Dreamcatcher Yoga Teacher Training in Fort Worth, TX. Although he initially had no desire to teach, he soon found great joy in spreading the immense benefits of Yoga as a way to enhance people’s lives physically, mentally and emotionally.

Seeing Yoga as a lifelong education, Joe has since continued his expansion of knowledge, studying under Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee. Joe is a certified Level 1 Urban Zen Integrative Therapist. He is also a Level 1 attuned Reiki practitioner and administrator.

Joe sees Yoga as a healing practice. Embracing his teachers’ philosophies of Yoga as a way to improve and extend one’s life, the focus of his teaching is an insistence on proper alignment, importance of breath, and moving with purposeful intention.

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