Hocus, Pocus, Focus: Why meditation is the best tool to develop the muscle to focus your attention, and create magic in your life.

Learning how to focus is one of the most overlooked, and important thing that one could ever learn.  When one is able to focus, it helps with the obvious things in daily life such as school work, reading and writing, etc.  It also helps sports players hone their skills, get into the “zone” and have optimal performance. 

 However, what one rarely thinks about is: wherever your attention is, there you are.  Quite literally.  Where attention goes, energy flows.  Wherever your attention is at this exact moment is precisely where your consciousness is.  This has been proven scientifically in quantum physics.  It is also scientifically proven that daily meditation creates new neural-pathways in the brain which help you to focus and bring clarity.  It strengthens and renews the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for focused attention.

As a culture, we are bombarded with things in our outer world to distract our attention.  The pace of life is so fast, and our attention is constantly being pulled in many directions.  It is no wonder that so many children and adults are treated for attention deficit disorder.

 So why is it so important to develop the skills to train your attention and focus?

 Aside from the obvious, such as improving school work and sports, when you train your attention and are able to direct your focus, you are quite literally directing your life-force to where you want it to go.  The stream of life- the Life-Stream, that is within each of us, is a constant flow of energy.  This is the energy from your Source.  This is the energy that is streaming through your physical body, from your electronic body.  This is also referred to as Your higher self, your mental body, your inner-being or your “I AM” Presence.  When you meditate, you are connecting with this aspect of yourself- your inner-being, or highest self.  You are plugging into this powerful Source energy.

 During meditation, when you focus, and place your attention and full awareness onto this part of you, your highest self, then you allow more energy and light to flow through you.  This energy and light is the source of all creation.  This is very powerful energy, and when it is consciously directed and focused in a constructive way, it will perform miracles in your life. When you are able to connect and focus upon this Divine part of you, you allow all good things to flow into your life. 

 When you hold no resistance, in the form of negative emotion, your life-force is able to flow freely in and through your body, and create perfect health in your body. Maintaining your emotional equilibrium, and keeping your emotions harmonious, is extremely important.   

Your higher self also knows everything that you want, and all of the cooperative components- people, places, circumstances and events, to bring them together to manifest in your life.  So when you develop the ability to focus, you are in the state of allowing.  You feel less stressed, and more at ease, connected, energetic, positive and optimistic.  You become satisfied with what is, and eager for more.

Imagine that your attention is like a laser beam.  If you direct it here, there and everywhere, shifting it from place to place without maintaining any focus for a prolonged period of time, then no momentum can be sustained.  However, if you continue to bring your focus and awareness to the things you want to bring into your life, and are able to maintain your focus upon your dreams and your desires, as you focus upon thoughts of appreciation, and positive aspects of your life, those things will gain momentum, and will begin manifesting in your life.  As you learn how to focus and begin attracting and allowing more and more wonderful things to flow into your life, your life will begin to look and feel magical.  Remember as you continue your meditation practice: Hocus, pocus, focus!