Solutions from a Gifted Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor

Laurie Maloney, Meditation & Mindfulness teacher and healer, and Owner and Founder of Unwind Meditation Studio in Houston, had the honor of being a guest on the Get Real, Lucille Podcast: Houston’s First Spirituality Channel of its Kind!

Lucy Thorp Suell is a Mom, Art Historian, Business Developer and Lifestyle Improvement motivator. She is a native Houstonian and a Spiritual Seeker and feels compelled to share what she has learned along her journey to recovery from harmful attitudes and behaviors.

In her “Get Real, Lucille” podcast, she offers us an unscripted uplift for anyone who is craving a dose of authenticity and encouragement, via her candid and raw interviews with inspirational, ‘real’ people from the local spiritual community. Tune into this episode to see how meditation and mindfulness can bring peace, clarity, and transformation into your life.

Laurie shares her story of how meditation transformed her life, and explains how meditation changes the brain, and is the most powerful tool for manifesting the life you desire.