Seven Energy Body Tuning

Seven Energy Body Tuning

Seven Energy Body Tuning


Sound healing with tuning forks uses the pure tones emitted from various custom-made tuning forks to locate, identify and interrupt areas of incoherence in the human energy field. The frequencies of the forks interact with the distortions of the frequencies in one’s energy field, and the body begins autocorrect itself through the principal known as harmonic resonance. 

The human energy field consists of seven energy bodies: the Causal Body, Celestial Body, Etheric Template Body, Astral Body, Mental
Body, Emotional Body, and Etheric Body. The Seven Energy Body Tuning is a tuning fork session in which several tuning forks with specific  frequencies are used to bring coherence, harmony, and balance to each of the seven energy bodies.

How Often?

For best results, we recommend beginning with a series of three  sessions, spaced one week apart. Many issues resolve within a short time. The Seven Energy Body Tuning is an energetic cleansing, akin to cleaning your home.  Just as there is no limit to how often you should clean your house, there is no limit to how clean one’s energy bodies can be. Therefore, there is no limit to how many sessions one can receive, and each session builds upon the next. However, there is an integration period, so sessions should be spaced at least 5-7 days apart. 

Scroll down for more information about the seven energy bodies.

Clients report feeling lighter, having more energy and feeling vibrant and more alive. They report feeling a sense of harmony and general well-being. Clients who receive regular sessions, weekly or bi-weekly, report lasting positive effects. Some of these positive effects include: resilience to stress, less reactive, clarity of mind, relief of anxiety, depression, decreased physical pain and inflammation. 

The Etheric Body 

This is the layer that is closest to the physical body. It is in charge of all physical sensation and bodily functions, including physical pain or pleasure. It holds the blueprint for all of the energetic information that pertains to the physical body. It is also in associated with the automatic and autonomic nervous system.

The Emotional Body 

This is the energy body that is associated with the emotional aspects of our being. This is the vehicle in which we experience our emotional life, feelings and desires.  When one’s emotions are flowing freely and they are integrated then this creates a healthy emotional body.

The emotional body can be brought back into balance through integration.  Emotions are energy in motion and you are not meant to hold onto them. In order to have a health emotional body, you must allow emotions to flow through you by acknowledging, processing and integrating them. 

The  Mental Body 

This is the energy body which is in charge of all of our mental processes. This includes the use of imagination, ideas, beliefs, linear thinking and thought processes. 

The manifestation process begins at the mental level, in the mental body. This is where we use our imagination to create images into our mind, and then they are turned into a thought forms. When combined with emotion, thought forms manifest into our 3D reality.

The Astral Body 

This energy body is connected to the heart chakra. It is a nexus, a bridge between the physical realm and the ethereal realm.  The astral body transcends the physical and acts as a connector to the spiritual. This energy body is free of time and space. The astral body is used during astral projection, and out of body experiences. This energy body is also connected to collective consciousness. 

The Etheric Template  

This energy body that connects to your throat chakra, and your physical and emotional voice. It holds your divine blueprint, and holds the highest ideals for your existence. It exists long before your physical body does and can be the key to very deep healing. The etheric template body is also the part of your energy that exists in parallel realities. 

The Celestial Body 

This energy body connects to your Third Eye chakra. It is the energy body that contains the vision of the soul. It is associated with the month, day and time of your birth, and your individuality. 

The Ketheric (or Causal) Body 

This energy body is connected to your Crown chakra. It is associated with the higher mind and  infinite intelligence. The Ketheric body is sometimes described as the highest self, or oversoul. It is the broadest, most expansive aspect of you.  This energy body is the container and director of all of the lower energy bodies. 



60 minute session: $165, Package of 3 sessions: $450

75 minute session: $190, Package of 3 sessions: $515

90 minute session: $250, Package of 3 sessions: $675

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